Remote Working Security Assessments

A host of recent high-profile data breaches have raised the importance of having an infrastructure in place to understand and mitigate cyber risks. However, as you rapidly move to cloud technologies and remote working, are you prepared for the digital future?

Assess your remote risk

Remote Risk Advisory

Many organisations are encouraging their staff to work from home, be ‘mobile,’ and to maintain connectivity with their colleagues using instant chat and video conferencing. Whilst working from home is fairly common for some organisations, it is completely new to others – and their employees.

To meet the challenges this brings, our risk advisory team is able to benchmark your remote working culture, before taking a deep-dive into the policy, guidance, and technical infrastructure that your organisation has put in place to support remote workers.

Our team will provide you with a risk pack that outlines your primary and secondary cyber challenges, alongside recommendations to reduce that risk.

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Remote Security Assessment

With increasing numbers of staff working from home, along with new cloud and remote access services being stood-up faster than ever before, now is the time to verify that your corporate data is secure.

Common remote technologies – such as site-to-site VPN, cloud infrastructure, and virtual desktops – are generally exposed to greater risk than internal resources, purely because they are presented to the Internet.

Our team is able to assess the security of your remote working technologies, to ensure they are configured securely and are free from vulnerabilities. Our security assessors will identify the available attack surface, search for authentication control weaknesses, identify configuration issues, and report back to you for a fix.

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Key benefits

With independent validation of your security controls, you can demonstrate your remote working security and risk-reduction to your board, and to your customers.

Pragmatic advice

Our work is defensible and evidence-based, but we’re pragmatic. We get business, and we’re not box-tickers.

Independent validation

Prove your remote security posture to your clients, partners, and regulators, with an independent assessment from a NCSC certified security assessor

Relationship driven

Our customers are the life-blood of our practice. We value your business, and strive to build a long-term relationship.

Passionate work from passionate people

Our work and expertise with remote access technologies

To guide our clients through the varied risks of remote working, we maintain a dedicated team of NCSC certified security consultants. Our team is engaged by retail brands, payment service providers, and FTSE 100 companies (including commercial and domestic energy), to provide experienced security assessors that understand complex technical environments in fast-paced industries.

Our team works extensively across industries to identify and mitigate remote working risks, so that your critical information assets remain secure even when your team works remotely.

Our security consultants take great pride in creating fit-for-purpose and defensible risk advisory reports and security assessments that meet the individual needs of our clients’ businesses. We do not offer an off-the-shelf security product, nor do we provide silver bullets. Instead, we partner with you to create a tailored package that is delivered by qualified consultants and assessors, with a focus on exceptional quality and service.

Crucially, we believe that rationalised information assurance strategies – driven by evidence and data rather than hyperbole and fear – are the best way to improve our clients’ security capabilities.

In addition to our delivery work, we frequently publish security articles, white papers, and case studies, as well as producing written evidence for research programmes and formal inquiries.

This combination of real-world projects, and sustained academic outreach gives our team unrivalled experience in the theory and application of modern and fit-for-purpose security controls.

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Continuous assurance is the future of cyber risk management.

It allows you to make evidence-based decisions and investments, instead of the box ticking of years gone by.

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